Carlos at work and his Malate Home and Studio

Considered as a form of performance art, Carlos Celdran is the only tour guide in Philippine history to have an interactive and lively tour of Manila. No single person is able to replicate the culmination of art, history, and Filipino Culture within the walled city.

The black and white portraits are shot at Intramuros during the “Walk This Way” tour. Featured Cover the in Forbes In Touch Magazine.

About Carlos Celdran

John Charles Edward “Carlos” Pamintuan Celdran (November 10, 1972 – October 8, 2019) was a Filipino artist, tour guide, segment TV host and cultural activist. He was known for “Walk This Way”, a guided tour of the Manila districts of Intramuros, Binondo, and Quiapo using a combination of music, visuals, and history lectures to immerse tourists into what life was like during the Spanish and American colonization periods of the Philippines. He was also known for engaging in a controversial protest, known colloquially as his “Damaso stunt”, in the Manila Cathedral in September 2010, leading to his arrest for “offending religious feelings” as per Article 133 of the Revised Penal Code.

Celdran died of cardiac arrest on October 8, 2019, in Madrid, Spain. 

The video is a quick tour of Carlos Celdran’s home in Manila. He talks about his work as an artist and the director of the Manila Biennale. Video shot by my crew: Javier Lobregat & Sam Ong for NoliSoli PH