Video Projects

A variety of scenes, and flavors, shot by shot.

I’ve been granted projects, shooting food and people for video. All of these content pieces were created back in the time when short form media like Tiktok did not exist. These productions took effort, collaboration, and post-production work. Much of the projects I proposed usually highlighted technical mastery on audio, cinematography, and creative execution.

During my term as lead content producer in Hinge Inquirer, I pioneered the video format–building the production team, procuring the equipment, and creating video content in collaboration with editorial staff–who slowly converted their time writing for print–to focus on producing these videos. These projects slowly transformed the traditional print business to a media company focused on engaging video as a medium for branded content integrated to the print business.


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In most cases I have a team of people I work with, to style my subjects as the shoot demands. Enlisting my pool of stylists, grooming and makeup artists, and production designers to get my subjects and sets ready for portraiture.


Baked Mackerel
This is a recipe video shot for in collaboration with Bulthaup Manila. It features a variety of angles and mouthwatering shots, combined with simple call out titles that help you follow the recipe procedure. 

Happy Salad Days
Ryan and Garovs Vergara of Everywhere We Shoot have celebrate Christmas a little differently from everyone else. For one, they don’t actually cook when they have parties and get-togethers. But here they do what they do best: create—and this time it looks good enough to eat, too.

The Sound of Design
Foley is an important component in the video production process. I created a short film about Joey Samson and the sensorial journey of designing clothes in his atelier.

TIME FOR WINE: Kitchen hacks and recipe
In this series I collaborated with Pauline Miranda to show you how to hack a wine bottle and create a simple recipe for all occasions

  • Open a bottle without a corkscrew
  • Easy Bib for Wine Bottles
  • Sangria Recipe

Aga Mulach read his famous movie lines
For this video, we feature Aga Mulach reading famous lines from the different roles he’s played throughout his career.

Carlos Celdran’s Malate Crib
This is a quick tour of Carlos Celdran’s home in Manila. He talks about his work as an artist and the director of the Manila Biennale

Boys Try Eyebrow Tinting