Printing receipts and books of account at BIR plus other tips| Part 2 of How to register as a freelancer

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This is part 2 of How to register as a freelancer.

Go visit that link if you want to learn the basics of registering as a freelancer at BIR.

OKAY I’m done with everything.


Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool.

Since social media started making advertising cheaper and is disrupting traditional forms of media. Creatives are slowly being outsourced for projects to create relevant content on the internet. In the Philippines, particularly for creatives, it’s becoming a sort of gig economy. In fact there is a steady growth of freelancers and is a thriving industry thanks to the internet. I’m writing this so those who choose to be freelancers can start somewhere. Eventually price themselves properly. Because pricing is the bane of professional creatives–they always underprice themselves. So creatives are always in the losing end of the stick. “Palaging binabarat”.


So what now?

After you get your COR (Certificate of Registration), you will have to accomplish a few more things within 30 days indicated on your COR.

  • Books of Account
  • Authority to Print (invoice/receipt)


All of these things can be done on the same RDO where you registered your COR. Again, just make sure you have all the documents you have currently photocopied for verification. Line up to get your books of account stamped. You’ll fill up a form and depending on the type of business you’ll need to buy your own set of books. Luckily my officer only required two. FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS.

What was required from me as a freelancer or a professional in general under photographic activities:

  • General Ledger
  • Journal

Some will need four depending on the nature of your business. Buy from your local office supply/bookstore.

ATP (Authority to Print)

Line up on the ATP desk and you’ll be asked to fill up basic forms. It was a breeze because my ATP guy processed everything including printing.
You’ll have to wait around 1-2 weeks to get your booklets printed. After all of these you’ll be able to do business as a creative professional.


Be professional enough to be first name basis with your BIR desks officers
They’ll be there to help you process quick and easy. Plus having a genuine relationship with them will help you deal with your RDO in the future.


Wear appropriate clothes
You don’t know how many times power dressing can significantly change how people perceive you, in malls, banks and establishments. Especially with security guards. They’ll make your life easier.


Ask the right questions po and speak Filipino!
I’ve heard too many people ask dumb questions because they didn’t do research or call BIR prior to gather information.
Speaking Filipino eases EVERYTHING. I had observed a young lady millennial who was too “inglesera” for her own good. It didn’t go smoothly for her. The security guard wasn’t having it because she didn’t know which RDO she was going to. By the time she got to my RDO she was throwing a fit. She couldn’t understand the process and which desks to go, even the guy handing the ticket for the desks wasn’t having it. PURE ENTERTAINMENT. SO DO RESEARCH.


I minimize risk of getting sick by NOT touching other people’s pens, especially pens used in public. Those things are filthy. Buy a nice metal Parker and have it engraved. You’ll have the pride of signing documents with your own pen.


Document cases are important
Those brown envelopes won’t work especially that it’s currently the rainy season. Get the legal sized plastic ones from the office supply sections. I use my leather one to keep all of my documents organized. Keep a small pocket sized notebook in there to record pertinent information.


Photocopy all relevant documents 5-8 times
Have copies ready to attach and give. New forms should immediately be copied because your BIR officers will use these as reference.


Hassle Free timing
When paying in the bank, pay in the morning because they have a cut-off period for accepting payments. When going to my BIR RDO I usually go on Thursdays or  Fridays where there aren’t a lot of people to deal with. I come around 3:30PM or 4PM when people stop showing up to fill the lines. It’s easier for me to process things, by 5PM I’m done. The office closes and I’m out of there.


Carry 4-5K Pesos pocket money to pay for documents, photocopying, food and things you need.



There are so many claim to fame creatives out there but don’t contribute! Time to pay taxes and do your part. Don’t be the dipshit who doesn’t want to pay taxes (That’s called tax evasion). Don’t be that person who destroys the creative industry because they don’t price themselves properly–let’s talk about that some other time.



The most important thing is to do everything legally. Getting registered and issuing receipts is the first step. The procedures may have slight variations at certain BIR RDOs so the best way to know is to go do it now and get registered!



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Featured Photo by Nigel Tadyanehondo on Unsplash

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